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12 years ago today…. | A personal post | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

12 years ago today I was waiting by my phone on a snowy winter in Erie PA for this really cute boy to call me to hang out. He ALWAYS waited until it was almost too late at night to do anything, and he ALWAYS played it cool. He did call…he came over to my parents house and we watched Dirty Dancing (that’s how you KNOW he was smitten with me…), talked, and cuddled until the wee hours of the morning. In his true “play it cool” fashion, he asked me to be his girlfriend (or, I believe the terms in those days was “he asked me to go out with him”). I said yes. And then he got his car stuck in the ditch at the bottom of my driveway.

The past twelve years have been the most exciting, upsetting, happy, sad, angry, passionate years of my life….and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My (now) husband and I battled all life’s hardest obstacles together, and together we are, all this time later. Twelve years, going strong, and still madly in love with each other.

Thank you, Joey for 12 amazing years, 1 amazing son, and 10 million amazing memories. I love you!

Wedding Photo Credits: Craig Photography

Family Photo Credit:  Nikki Mayday Photography


  1. I know longer wonder where all the passion comes from in your photos. You are a lucky woman and he is a lucky man to have found each other so young. Many more years and many more wonderful memories to you both. H

  2. lee

    beautiful photographs, as u captured my attention I am originally from Erie, pa and now live in sa, tx….small world. I will have to look u up and let u photograph our family! Congrats on ur 12 yrs

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