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A personal post….my son’s first Christmas Play | Austin TX Photographer

I am going to preface this post by saying–these are NOT professional quality images! #1-I was competing with the worst possible school auditorium lighting imaginable, #2–I only brought 1 lens, #3- no flash, #4- I have a cold and am SO not on my game, #5- I was competing with about 2000 momtographers with their tripods who had to have camped out for a day prior to the Christmas play to get good seats!

Anyhow, now that you’ve been warned that these images are far from pro, I thought my little guy was the cutest little guy at the Shoreline Christian School Christmas play! It was his FIRST play, and ohhhh my goodness was he ever shy.  He literally stood in the middle of all of the kids and either covered his eyes or hung his head the WHOLE time!

Funny, right!?  Even though he barely showed his face through 3 full songs, I was still proud and surprised that he didn’t run off stage crying like I half expected him to!

What a goober.  Being a mom is the best.


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