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Dear Santa…. | A photographer’s Christmas List | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

Ok ok, so I know that it’s BAD to have equipment envy as a photographer. You should always work with what you’ve got. There’s about a million and one products out there for photographers and having them all is both unnecessary and financial suicide. BUT, I figure, since Christmas is the time of year where it’s considered “OK” for someone to make out a list. I thought I would. Some of these are big purchases, and some only cost a few dollars. But nonetheless, and with further ado, here is my 2011 Christmas list for Santa (and my husband.):

1. A new Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. $1,900- This, in my opinion, is the photographer’s essential lens. It is my FAVORITE lens. I’ve rented it for pretty much every event I’ve ever photographed after my first year. So much so, that I’ve probably spent just as much in rental fees that I could have purchased the lens…buttt $2k is a lot of money to cough up at once for a photographer who is credit-free! Nonetheless, it’s top on my wish list to have one of these babies of my very own.

2. A Nikon 14mm f/2.8 super wide angle lens. $1500. For landscapes. Yes, I said it. All of those who KNOW me are laughing hysterically right now. I’ve always said “I shoot everything. Except for landscapes. Since I’ve moved to TX I’ve been completely inspired by the surroundings….there’s just so many beautiful places to photograph. I’d definitely use this lens for other things, but really cool landscape shots are what I had in mind.

3. Another SB-900 Flash. Or two or three. $475. Because a girl can never have too many flashes.

4. A Kelly Moore Hobo Camera Bag in Muted Teal… err…uh…oh just one in every color please. $169. I’m obsessed with the concept of a camera bag that doesn’t really look like a camera bag. I mean, I AM a stylin’ ‘tog after all! These bags are the bees knees!

5. Light Paint Can. $39 Just because I think it’d be a blast to try it out!

6. The Lomography Deluxe Diana Camera Set. $250. I’ve been feeling pretty “artsy fartsy” since moving to Austin. There’s so many funky things to photograph here, I’m totally ready to start doing things that are a little different.

7. A full ride to WPPI 2012 in Las Vegas. $2000.00 ish. Yep I’ve been back and forth about going to the #1 photography convention of the YEAR in February in Las Vegas. I feel like this is the year that I really need to be there! Last year, I wasn’t QUITE professionally ready to absorb all of the information and awesomeness that is WPPI from the most talented photographers in the biz. This year….totally ready. But of course, with the big relocation and the fact that I am credit-free, this would be a big hit to my business bank account at a time when I should really be saving to cushion the transition period between cities. I’m trying to be responsible about this decision, even though I know this is the learning opportunity that I’ve been craving. SO I’m asking Santa! 😉

8. THIS set of Nikon lens shot glasses. $19. Oh. yeah. Does it get any better than that!? I don’t even do shots. But I might if I had these.

9. The Think Tank Photo Airport International V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag. $350. I’ll be doing a crap-ton of traveling this year. Yes…a crap-ton. I will be hopping on over 38 planes so far in 2012, and will need to be bringing all of my camera equipment on each and every one. SO I’m going to need a good travel carry-on that will fit 2 camera bodies, 5-7 lenses, flashes, pocket wizards, and all that good stuff….and something that’s easy for airport security to inspect so I don’t end up missing flights because they are checking through every compartment. I’ve heard great things about ThinkTank’s bags, mostly from Zach and Jody Gray (if it’s good enough for them….then it’s…well…probably way out of my league…)

10. A Pixel Pocket Rocket. $19. I know, it sounds dirty! Haha. It’s a CF card wallet to store my memory cards. I don’t know why I don’t have one of these babies yet!! I’m ashamed to admit I only have a 2 card holder and the rest of my cards are stacked on top of each other on a shelf in my desk.

So, there you have it, Santa Claus! Even if I only received one of these items I’d be super giddy–but all 10 would send me through the roof!


  1. oh and also – i have a kelly moore bag in grey, and i wish i would have gotten a color. I’d go for teal if i had it to do over for sure! the grey is sort of blah.. in my opinion 🙂

    • clickchickimages

      I’m SO glad you said that—I’m changing it to muted teal. That was my gut instinct, but I figured grey would go with more. But I already have a grey camera bag and I always say that I wish it was prettier!

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