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Talking numbers for a second here: I’ve photographed about 50 people since I’ve been here, they were all cool…..I’ve met about 200 people since I’ve been here, they were all cool….and I’ve encountered hundreds of people in passing (whether a waitress, bartender, random pedestrian, or tour guide). and they were all cool too! So after last night’s photo shoot with the crazy-cool Dodson family of 5 on South Congress, I’ve determined that everyone in Austin TX must be cool.

Robie contacted me a couple of weeks ago to set up a family shoot for their adorable bunch, and I’m so glad she did! Robie told me that she has a sewing blog and an Etsy shop–who doesn’t love Etsy, right!? I did a little bit of Facebook snooping to get the links to her pages to share with you! She’s the blogger behind So Sew Something!–a fabulous little DIY inspired blog, and also the shop owner of Parsimony on Etsy. DEFINITELY check out her shop! So.cute.

Jonathan is the pastor of Austin City Life Church, a writer, and quite obviously a family man! Here’s Jonathan and little baby Rosamund. How cute!

Here are some more of my favorites from the session…

We made a stop at the famous Jo’s Coffee for a little something to sip on AND to take a few photos in front of the even-more-famous “I Love You So Much” wall!

Here’s mom with Ellie…

…and Owen…

…and Rosamund…

…and the whole family!

We made a quick stop at the Big Top Candy store so the kids could pick out a treat for being so well-behaved during their shoot. I love this photo below…Ellie is showing her mom a piece of chocolate and it looks like little baby Rosamund’s expression is saying “Oooh, for ME!? You shouldn’t have!”

…Wearing the hats that Robie’s sister crocheted for them! There’s about a hundred more amazing images from this session—but I suppose I have to draw the line SOMEWHERE!

Thanks so much to the Dodson family for proving that everyone in Austin is, in fact, cool! They were such an adorable bunch to photograph and made my job easy-as-pie!

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