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Within days of being in Austin I joined a photography group that has actually put me in touch with several photo gigs that I.have.LOVED.  Gloria, another photographer in the group, booked me to shoot her husband’s return from Afghanistan at the airport on Wednesday—JUST in time for Thanksgiving. He has been away for a YEAR and I was lucky enough to be there photographing his return and their family’s reuinion. Of course, I sobbed like a baby…thank goodness for the giant camera in front of my face the whole time! Here are a few highlights from Brian’s return!


Looking up the stairs….waiting to see that camo!

They see him!

Technically speaking, not the best photograph here….but the moment makes up for it!  This little guy SPRINTED up those stairs to get his hug!


Ok, go ahead an wipe your tears now!  What a beautiful moment! Thank you to Gloria for choosing me to capture such an amazing occassion! And a big THANK YOU to Brian for all he does for our country!

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