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Marlo’s Austin TX Bridal Photos | Capitol Building | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

Wow, wow, wow! Yesterday I had a STELLAR bridal session with Marlo. Marlo was actually referred to me by someone from my good ol’ hometown of Erie, PA and I’m SO glad she was. She’s a true beauty and she absolutely glowed in her stunning lace mermaid gown that she will be wearing in March when she marries the love of her life!

This was my first time shooting at the Capitol building and I have to say it was just amazing from beginning to end.  There’s just nothing like shooting in a brand new place….especially when you’ve got a bride like Marlo on the other side of your lens!

I got to the Capitol a little early to walk around a bit and scope out some good shooting spots. I decided to bust out my fisheye lens and get a good shot of the Capitol Building–love this!

And here she is! I adored how Marlo’s look was so versatile. As you’ll see by the series of photos below, her look goes from stunning, to glamorous, to seductive siren, to adorable, and back! The perfect combination of gorgeousness!

 After spending some time shooting outdoors, we headed through the metal detectors, into the building, past the 234238093840298 crowds of touring elementary school field trips, and found a few empty nooks and crannies that were photo magic!

I LOVE this photo—it might be in my top 3 of the session. Her boots, her expression, the pose…just adorable!

Lovely! Thanks so much to Marlo for rocking our photo session, and to her sister Margo for tagging along and being the BEST maid of honor and lens-holding assistant anyone could ask for!

For more information on bridal and wedding photography in Austin TX, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email

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