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Amanda & Pete are HITCHED!!! | Erie PA Wedding Photography

On 11.4 I got to finish my wedding season off with yet another INCREDIBLE wedding! Amanda and Pete were married in Erie, and from beginning to end I was SO excited to be a part of their big day!


HOLY INCREDIBLE SHOES!!! One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is photographing the bride as she opens her gift or letter from her groom-to-be….and ESPECIALLY in this case! Check out Amanda’s reaction as she opens Pete’s letter and sees it is a CRUISE!!! (Sorry, ladies, he’s taken!)

And this image you may remember from the teaser post….it gives me the goosebumps! Amanda and Pete’s daughter, Harper, is just one of the most precious little baby girls I have ever seen! This moment between mommy and daughter prior to the wedding is so touching!

We were lucky to be able to get a few bridal shots prior to the ceremony. Isn’t.she.STUNNNNNNINNNNGG!?

I LOVE the bridesmaids dresses. They are just so elegant and classic!

We didn’t arrive to the church until just a minute or two before the ceremony began…so that’s why there’s an abundance of photos of Amanda and the girls and not of Pete and the guys….however I think Pete is probably ok with that 😉

This is probably one of my most favorite aisle pictures ever.

How cute is THIS?! Pete was waving to little Harper during the ceremony….and she waved back!


Look at this beautiful family!

Since the ceremony didn’t start until after sunset, we had the unique opporuntity to take pictures in the dark! We used a little off-camera flash at the courthouse for some dramatic images!

The reception was held at the Erie Maennerchor club. It was decorated beautifully!

You will definitely need to check out the highlights slideshow to get the whole garter-removal performance by Pete! He danced and serenaded his bride to Justin Bieber. So.Priceless!

DEFINITELY take a look at this highlights slideshow! And as always, be sure to view at 720p or higher for the best quality!!

Congratulations to Pete and Amanda! What an incredible wedding!

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