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Jennifer, Adrian, Noah, & Ava…and a peacock…| Austin TX Family Photography

This morning I visited Mayfield Park for the first time. I pulled into the parking lot and the first thing I saw was 4 of the most beautiful peacocks I think I’ve ever seen in my life. I knew it was going to be a good day! I took a quick walk around the area to scope out the perfect shooting spots….there were literally a dozen other photographers there, all shooting different types of sessions. Some family, some fashion, and wildlife. It was pretty obvious that this was a prime shooting location.

I met Jennifer and Adrian, and their beautiful children Noah (6) and Ava (4) for a family photo shoot. Having a 4 year old myself, I know that getting children to cooperate for a photo shoot can be challenging. But luckily, Jennifer is a mom much like myself–she bribed her kids with a trip to Hey Cupcake if they were good during the shoot! That’s totally something I would do…you can argue parenting techniques with me all you want, I stand by bribery 100%!

Anyhow, I,’m getting off-topic here! Check out a few of my favorites from this family session!

What an awesome family! They were super easy to work with and we got through the session with only a few tears shed. (I won’t tell you who…eh hem. Dad. Just kidding just kidding.)

And here’s my favorite peacock up close and personal. Could there be a more beautiful bird than this!?

Thank you so much to Jennifer, Adrian, Noah, and Ava for such an awesome session!

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