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Thank you, Erie! | A Personal Post…| Austin TX Wedding Photographer

In just a few short days my family and I will be making the biggest move of our lives, headed to Austin TX for our next chapter…and as excited as I am, I am COMPLETELY and utterly terrified. TERRIFIED.

I was completely overcome with emotion when I instagrammed a picture of pancakes this morning. Thanks to a friend who does all sorts of cool things with her kids, I was inspired to start “Pancake Friday” at our house about a year ago. Sadly, we really didn’t have any regular traditions at our house. Sure, we have routine…but not a regular tradition that might be carried on with our child. Pancake Friday became a weekly staple. My son and I make them together every Friday morning and eat at the “big table” together and just chat. I realized that today was the last time I would make pancakes at this house, and sit in that dining room–as small as it is.  We have memories there.  Great memories. Of course I know that we will be making new memories together in a new place and it will be spectacular…but I can’t help but feel just a little bit sad.

So many people complain about living in Erie. (<–Yep, I’m one of them!). Granted, the weather is less-than-stellar, the busy streets (or STREET, rather) is overrun with chain restaurants, local businesses fail more often than they succeed, and the unemployment rate is climbing by the second. But no matter where you live, it’s HOME. It’s home for a reason.

I wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU ALL! Anyone reading this blog for whatever reason, THANK YOU. I couldn’t have been more blessed in business….in 3 FAST YEARS Click Chick Images  has soared in Erie PA. I’ve shot 57 weddings, 29 events, 417 relaxed portrait sessions, and what I’m guessing has been around 3 million photographs since I’ve begun. There are some photographers in the area that could probably quadruple or more these numbers, but they are perfect for me. I’ve learned something new at each and every one of my photo sessions and will continue to strive to do so FOREVER. Every single client who has ever booked me to photograph something, ANYTHING, for them has helped me make this business a success.  In this economy, and especially in this market, the odds are against me. But it worked! There is ALWAYS room to climb but I could not be happier with the way things have grown for me personally and professionally. My clients, my facebook friends, my twitter followers, my “blog stalkers”….each and every “click” each of you has made to Click Chick Images has aided in this success. I truly cannot thank you enough. I love you all—even the difficult ones!! As I’ve learned something from you too!

I can only hope that people in Austin will be as welcoming and as willing to choose me to photograph their special moments as y’all in Erie have been. I am VERY excited for this next step in our lives, and hope to continue the streak and grow the business to it’s utmost potential.

I’m going to give it a go—THANK you to all of my clients: Abbey P, Aimee M, Alecia C, Alexandria Z, Allison S, Alysha M, Alyssa M, Amber K, Jeff D, Amy C, Amy G, Amy P, Ana F, Anita S, Carl S, Jillian S, Anthony T, Ashley B, Andy S, Ashley G, Rick Z, Ashley J, Ashley L, Ashley W, Ashley P, Scott J, Ashley Pl, Ashley S, Dan F, Melissa B, Betsy B, Kathryn B, Brittany B, Bryan B, Kristen B, Cady W, Laurel W, Caitlin G, Jake G, Cameron R, Carinn W, Jason P, Carly G, Carly P, Jeff S, Carrie K, Carrie R, Cassandra D, Tim S, Cassandra N, Chuck D, Cassie H, Chetty V, Michael M, Christian T, Mallory Z, Christie L, Christine M, Christy M, Cindy L, Clint C, Elisha P, Connor M, Kaila W, Courtney T, Danielle K, Danielle P, Deana B, Destiny W, Devon M, Diane V, Doug B, Drew B, Nicole B, Edinboro University, Elena D, Elizabeth V, Emily F, Emily R, Erica S, Erin T, Jim W, Evan L, Gary A, Genevieve D, Pat R, Haldis L, Kelly W, Heather H, Heather K, Frank N, Heather R, Hollie D, Iyesha A, Alex H, Jamie B, Greg A, Janae S, Jason L, Jennifer A, Jennifer M, Jennifer Mo, Jessica K, Jessica C, Jillian P, Ethan M, Joan C, Joe M, Joel M, Joey T, John W, Latoya L, Julie K, Julie W, Karen M, Karen P, Karma Tattoo, Kary P, Kat R, Jake R, Diella R, Ethan R, Sayda R, Chris H, Emily H, Kate H, Kathryn B, Kathy T, Katie T, Kevin K, Kaylay P, Kelsey M, Kevin P, Kimberly A, Kristen B, Kristen L, Kristen W, Gary S, Kristin B, Kristin V, Kristy K, Lashondra F, Lauren O, Laurie C,  Leslie M, Leanne T, Lindsay J, Lindsay V, Lindsey A, Lindsey D, Lindsey E, Lisa N, Vin A, Loretta P, Lori C, Maggie S, Zac M, Mallory M, Jeff M, Maria F, Maria S, Mason Farms, Mazza Vineyards, Mellisa N, Michaela N, Michelle W, Matt S, Michelle C, Michelle J, Mike M, Katie B, Lisa V, Bob V, Money Shot, Tina M, Jay M, Liv M, Connor M, Sarah O, Jason O, Julie T, Justin M, Nahtahna K, Nikki W, NYIP, Phillip C, Cori L, PNC Bank, Scott Enterprises, Rachelle C, Rae Anne G, Rebecca L, Rebekah S, Renee R, Risa V, Roger R, Ryan B, Sarah B, Joe R, Sarah E, Sarah L, Sarah S, Sarah St, Jeff F, Chris S, Bryce S, Ajay S, Laurie S, Shannon W, Tony F, Stephanie G, Ryan S, Stiletto, Tarra B, Save the TaTas, Taylor B, Chase R, Taylor G, Toni C, Scott H, Vicky M, Wende B, Wendy B, Andrew L, Yana A, Yoga Erie, and ANYONE ELSE that must not have been in my client contacts 🙂 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

TOMORROW–Saturday the 22nd–Joe and I will be going out to Matthew’s Trattoria at 7pm and are asking our clients to stop by if available so we can see everyone one last time before we go! We will miss you! (Though I will be back for several weddings in 2012!)  My new cell phone number is 512.971.6560, please feel free to bug me whenever you’d like!

Don’t forget to stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Email at, and pay regular visits to the blog and website! I will always announce when I am headed back to Erie and can accept any shoots! I’d love to shoot you again (or for the first time!).

Stay fabulous everyone!


Kara Marie!


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