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Christian & Mallory are HITCHED!!! | Youngstown OH Wedding Photographer

To set the magnitude of this story up, I’ll start with the fact that Christian and Mallory met in ITALY. Yep. Italy. How romantic is that!? They met, fell in love, and were married on 9/24/11 in Youngstown….and I was the extremely lucky photographer that got to capture it all! Their engagement session was one of my favorites ever, and the wedding followed suit.  It was close to impossible to narrow down highlight images for the blog….so you definitely MUST watch the slideshow at the end….even that doesn’t contain all the goodness!

The ceremony was at one of the most stunning (and easy-to-photograph-in) churches I have ever seen!

After the ceremony, we had a couple of HOURS to get awesome photos. And.they.were.AWESOME. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and the group couldn’t have been more agreeable to images.

Here’s a big-time “KEEPER” captured by my husband Joe. I LOVE this image.

And the group…

Photographing Christian and Mallory was truly effortless. They are so in love, so adorable together, so animated, and SO good-looking! I mean, REALLY!? Look at these two!

Over the years my work has really evolved into what I like to think is a pretty organic form of photography. I don’t over-edit like I used to (to cover up my less-than-stellar photography), I try to stick to the basics and focus on the subject itself rather than being all flashy with my Photoshop actions. But every now and then there’s an image that just screams “EDIT ME! EDIT ME!”. This one below when I took it I just knew it had to be done up in vintage. And so I did…

We paid a quick visit to a favorite local hangout of Christian and Mallory and her family…the Golden Dawn! It was such a cool little tavern with bright red seats, a super welcoming owner/bartender, and all the charm that a local hangout should have. I thought this was a crazy adorable image that we caught there!

The reception was also STUNNING. There wasn’t anything about this wedding that wasn’t….well…other than a few interesting captures towards the end of the night that you’ll see in the slideshow. But the hilarity of them made up for the lack of stunning-ness.

Upon being introduced, Mallory and Christian busted out into an awesome fast-paced dance…

…and then slowed it down…

The cake cutting was fun and cute and I’m sure DELICIOUS considering Mallory made the cake herself! She’s quite the little cake craftsman…she makes the most adorable concoctions (and even made mine and my son’s birthday cake last summer!).

I loved the parent dances. Mallory and her dad belted out the lyrics to “My Girl” to each other, and it was so stinking cute! And Christian and his mom shared a beautiful dance which was soon joined by his crazy brothers…

And this is just a small example of how the night ended…

It was one of the CRAZIEST receptions I have EVER EVER EVER photographed. Glasses breaking, chain saws being revved up in the courtyard (yes, really!), and the Torchios stealing the band’s spotlight by busting out into tambourine solos. Truly incredible! You simply MUST watch the highlights slideshow to see it all!

Be sure to view at least 720p for the best quality experience! Enjoy!

Congratulations to Christian and Mallory on their newlywed bliss! Judging by the pictures I was seeing on Instagram, their honeymoon in Italy was just perfect! Though, I’m so glad they’re back, it was KILLING me to wait until they returned to post their highlights!

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  1. Monica Zappa

    I’m the brides mom but I have to say that from what I am seeing these are fantastic pics. Can’t wait to see them all. You guys are the best and most unique photographers that I have ever seen. Love them all

    • clickchickimages

      Thank you so much Monica! What a sweet compliment 🙂 It certainly doesn’t hurt that they are the easiest couple on the eyes…ever!!! Sheesh!

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