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Ashley & Rick are ENGAGED!! | Erie PA wedding and engagement photographer

A few weeks ago, I had a dinner consultation with Ashley and Rick regarding their wedding next fall. I could tell when I met with them that photos were EXTREMELY important to them, as was making sure the images captured were a true reflection of them. I love when people put thought into their photos…I truly do! I can certainly come up with locations and ideas for sessions, but I prefer that each couple does that themselves–I want them to be shooting at a location that has special meaning to them, or doing something that they enjoy doing together.

Needless to say, Ashley and Rick ended up deciding on me for their wedding photography, which I’m VERY excited about! We had their engagement session on Wednesday evening. I headed out to Harborcreek to shoot at a couple of locations that they had scouted out and had meaning to them. Here’s some of my favorites from their session!

Congratulations to Ashley and Rick on their engagement! I look forward to the wedding next September to see what amazing images we can come up with next! I’m not sure how we’re going to top these…but I’ll try!!!

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