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Kaila & Connor are HITCHED!!! | Wedding Highlights | Erie PA Wedding Photographer

This season I have been COMPLETELY blessed with amazing clients and their absolutely incredible weddings. 9/17 was no different. Kaila and Connor actually live in New Jersey, and Kaila’s parents live about an hour outside of Erie. They knew that they wanted to have a barn-chic type of wedding…and they found Goodell Gardens in Edinboro. Perfection. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself! Here are some highlights of the day!

Kaila and Connor opted to do “First Look”, which is an intimate little moment set aside for just the couple (and, of course, their photographer!) to see each other for the first time on their wedding day without hundreds of people witnessing that moment as well. We kept Connor by the barn and set out to get Kaila to bring her to her groom. It was such a sweet moment!

The ceremony was just beautiful! And the WEATHER couldn’t have been more perfect!

This couple did the BEST thing I’ve ever seen! Instead of having a receiving line, they were the BARTENDERS at cocktail hour. Yep. The bartenders. It was a perfect way for the newlyweds to thank their guests for coming, and of course to see EVERYONE (since everyone wants a drink at cocktail hour)! Very cool! Don’t worry, there was a bartender standing by to help out, and to take over once everyone made one pass through the line…just to keep them from working too hard on their big day!

Group photos were incredible! Being in all one location from beginning to end truly made for the easiest day of photos! No traveling from spot to spot and breaking out of the photo zone.

We decided to utilize the photo booth props for some fun pictures!

Don’t you just love them!?

Ok, ok, seriously now…

The anniversary dance is one of my favorite traditions–I ALWAYS cry when they announce the couple who has been married the longest. It’s almost always a grandparent of the bride or groom. Being with my husband for almost 12 years now, it’s SO inspiring to hear the winner’s advice on how to have a long and happy marriage. Here is Kaila’s grandmother giving her advice!

And of course, no highlights blog post would be complete without a highlights slideshow! Be sure to view at 720p or higher for the best quality!

A HUUUGGGEE Click Chick congratulations goes out to Kaila and Connor! They were an absolute blast to work with and are truly a lovely and in-love couple!

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