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Wendy & Angel are HITCHED!!! | Wedding Highlights | Erie PA Wedding Photographer

Wendy was quick to swoop up one of the most sought-after wedding dates this year…9.10.11 and I’m glad she was! Angel and Wendy were SO much fun to work with! They were super laid back and fun-loving, which always makes for such a pleasant shooting experience. Here’s some highlights of their big day!

Something about the shot on the left just gives me the CHILLS! Wendy’s brother walked her down the aisle, and I LOVE that they opened his door first and let everyone sit in suspense for a moment. Not to mention the amazing shot it produced! You can tell that Wendy is waiting behind that other door, but you just have to wait for that revealing moment. Love it. I just love their expressions after they were pronounced newlyweds! So adorable! 

I’ve seen the groomsmen wearing goofy socks before, but never all mismatched like this! So fun!

The garter removal was EXTREMELY entertaining! You’ll have to watch the slideshow below to get the full effect 😉

Check out the groom’s family in their photobooth attire! I’m obsessed with this image!

Annnddd (Cue the “TA-DA”!!), the highlights slideshow! Be sure to view it at 720p or higher for the best viewing experience!

A big Click Chick congratulations to Wendy and Angel on their newlywedded bliss!!!

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