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Meet the hot husband… | Joe Trombetta | ABSolute Fitness | Austin TX Personal Training

Imagine my glee when it was finally time for my husband to update his website and get ready for business in Austin TX….annnd….he needed some fitness photos! Woo hoo! Finally, I get to exploit him again! It’s been a long time since our last photo shoot. I shamelessly used and abused his looks to jump start my portfolio when I first started photography. Here’s a few of my favorites from our shoot:

Blah blah enough of the boring headshot stuff.  Now for the exciting part 😉

Now for the grand finale, my absolute favorite, and my new desktop background…

Ooh la lah! Granted, these images weren’t meant to be a supermodel shoot, but a new fitness portfolio…but I guess we killed two birds with one stone, didn’t we?!

ANYWAYS, be sure to check out his business website and blog for some seriously educational health and wellness information…and if you’re in the Austin TX area be sure to get scheduled with him before he’s booked!

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