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Shannon & Tony Wedding Highlights | Erie PA Wedding Photography

I think..I THINK Shannon and Tony are home from their honeymoon now! I try (and oftentimes I fail) to hold off on posting a client’s wedding highlights and slideshow until they return from their honeymoon juuust in case they can’t view the blog from their phones. I would hate to cause any sort of anxious frustration while they were away!

Last Friday I photographed Shannon and Tony’s wedding day. It was lovely, and they were lovely.

The ceremony was held at the chapel at Mercyhurst and this was my first time shooting there. The chapel was absolutely GORGEOUS.

Here comes the bride!

Mr. and Mrs. Ferrare!

I love that this image is COMPLETELY candid. I just thought it was a funny little scatter of everybody doing their own thing.

Shannon got the girls the cutest green clutches in place of a bouquet for the wedding day. I love the contrast of them against their navy dresses!

Absolutely AWESOME photo of the guys. Can you tell which of these are brothers. I kind of giggled when taking the photo–I actually sang aloud “One of these things is not like the other” while clicking away.

Then we headed down to Dobbin’s Landing just in time for sunset!

Up next was the reception at Union Station! Time to party!!!

 Check out this awesome reaction shot of both the bride and groom during the toasts. I BELIEVE this was right after Tony’s brother told the story of what Tony had to say about Shannon the night that they met! I won’t broadcast the story on the blog, but at least those who were there will know what I’m talking about!

Be sure to view the highlights slideshow to view a little more of the story from Tony and Shannon’s wedding day! {View at 720p or higher for the best quality}

Congratulations to Tony and Shannon on their newlyweddedness! It was a LONG time coming!

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