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Ashley and Andy are HITCHED!!! | It’s all in the details….| Erie PA Wedding Photography

Ashley and Andy did not once mention during our engagement session or meetings together that they were putting together the wedding of the century! I had NO idea what I was in for when I arrived to begin shooting on Saturday. Little did I know, Ashley, Andy, and their families planned so many absolutely incredible and swoon-worthy details!  So here I sit on my “day off” glued to my computer screen and drooling over all of these rustic visual bits of goodness. I just had to share them!

They had borrowed this old Ford F100 {circa 1953} from a family friend…and we put it to good use!This ceremony arbor was absolutely STUNNING. The bride’s Aunt did all of the floral arrangements and ceremony decor.  I couldn’t stop taking photos of it all! The ceremony was held at Isabell’s Painted Gardens in McKean.The happy couple just before their ceremony…

The brides bouquet was just SPECTACULAR! LOOK at it! All the little details. Stunning.

The truck I mentioned and showed before was actually in operating mode…the bride’s father drove it around all day, and even transported the bridal party!On to the reception details which were just EVERYWHERE! I actually had to spend about an hour just hunting around the venue looking for all of the awesomeness. I can’t even imagine all of the planning and truckloads of decor that went into this! The reception was held at Scotland Yards Greenery in Edinboro. Guests were seated under a big beautifully decorated tent, and the dancing, photobooth, bar, and a few other goodies were located inside an amazingly rustic barn.

I could probably go on and on for hours about all of the details of this wedding. The bride and her family probably got so tired of me telling them how fabulous everything was…but what can I say!? When people invest THAT much time into making sure every last aspect is completely perfect it excites me!

There is much more to come on Ashley and Andy’s wedding, and I promise the next post will have more photos of actual PEOPLE in them! I just thought these sensational details deserved a little extra praise and time in the spotlight!

Congratulations to Andy and Ashley!

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