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Jeff & Sarah are HITCHED!!! | Wedding Highlights | Youngstown OH Wedding Photography

Last weekend we headed to Youngstown, Ohio to capture Jeff and Sarah’s special day! Thinking back to the day of this wedding, I remember how impressed I was with all of the well-planned details that Sarah (oh, and I’m sure Jeff helped too!) worked so hard on.

We started out capturing a little bit of the “getting-ready” process, which is one of my favorite parts of the day!

The ceremony was held at Boardman Park. It was LOVELY!

And can we please take a moment to gawk over this AISLE!? There was a small church on the hill with a brick pathway leading from the door, winding down the hill, across the street, and right up to the gazebo that they were married in! We had SO much time to oooh and aaahhh over the gorgeousness that was Sarah and her dress and veil!

We headed to a cornfield behind the groom’s house for a few photos! The beautiful blue sky and big puffy clouds added an awesome element to the photos!

Next up was a neighbor’s barn that provided rustic awesomeness AND a visual element that we were looking for all day—SHADE!

We went to Lanterman’s Mill next…which holds significant sentimental meaning for Sarah and Jeff.  The owner quickly grabbed me and told me he could let the couple upstairs into this doorway and pointed out a bridge across the way that I could shoot from! I love shooting out of town, it gives me so many photo opts that I’ve never had the chance to do before!

Sooner than we realized, it was time for the PARTY! Apparently, weddings in Ohio are done completely differently timeline-wise! The bridal party arrived at the reception site–the Embassy–an HOUR before the rest of the guests where they were able to eat prior to everyone else arriving! It was brilliant! It left so much more time for the receiving line and the rest of the events of the evening!

I scored a prime location next to the largest sweets table I have ever seen (check that out in the slideshow!) for the cake cutting!

The dances were just beautiful! Tear jerkers for sure!

BEAUTIFUL! Alas–no wedding blog post of mine would be complete without a highlights slideshow! View it below, and be sure to set your quality at 720p or higher for your viewing pleasure!

Congratulations to Jeff & Sarah! What a fantastic wedding!

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