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Taylor and Chase are HITCHED!!! | Wedding Highlights | Erie PA Wedding Photography

I usually try to wait until my couples return from their honeymoon to share their wedding highlights…and I rarely can succeed at that. So, I’ve decided I am going to compromise…I will post the highlight IMAGES, and wait until Taylor and Chase return from Costa Rica before I post the full highlights slideshow!

I have SO much to share from this wedding. And yet again, it was one of my favorites of all time. You’ll see why once you start browsing the images…

Taylor did not stop smiling and laughing all day. ALL DAY! She had so many fantastic expressions. And, uh…hello….can you say GORGEOUS!?

And Chase looked so DAPPER! Yes, I used the word “dapper”…and I honestly couldn’t think of a better word to describe him on his wedding day.SWOON over her dress. Funny story–I actually tried this wedding dress on when looking for my own…but it did NOT look good on me AT ALL! It looks like it was MADE for Taylor to wear on her wedding day. Absolutely stunning!Flowers were done by Potratz. They were lovely! The shot on the right with the fountain in the background is Joe’s, and he is VERY proud of that flower shot! These little grassy mugs are what the rings were carried on. How original! Loved it!Here comes the BRIDE–and her father. I can honestly say I have NEVER in my career heard a bride get CAT CALLS going down the aisle of a church! People were actually cheering and whistling! I actually wanted to put down my camera, stand on a pew and cheer her on myself–but then of course I would have missed this shot! She looked STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING!This was a sweet little moment I captured through the crowd of Taylor and her mom after the rose presentation. I can’t see her mom’s face, but I can tell by the body language and eye contact between the two of them that mom is thinking “I am SO proud of you!”And wow. I actually cried when I captured this moment, and am tearing up a bit (ok, I’m sobbing) looking at the image now. It may not seem like much at first…but take a close look at Chase looking at his bride. You can see the love and awe in his eyes.Newlyweds! YES!The guys were wearing suspenders, and Chase stood out with a set of red ones. Love this shot!Get ready to oooh and ahhh and the bride and groom photos. Are you ready? Sitting down? Ok, GO!I am completely madly in love with this photo! I love the softness of it, I love the way they are looking at each other, I love the angle…everything! And what’s better—it’s JOE’S IMAGE! He’s “developed” into quite the artistic photographer. Developed. Get it?  Ha I’m a nerd. Moving on.Limo? NAH! Chase and Taylor rented a SCHOOL BUS to transport their bridal party! It made for some super fun images!!!YES! LOVE!The reception was held at the Bel Aire and it was absolutely lovely!Grand entrance!Their first dance was full of incredible captures like this one…you’ll just have to wait and see the slideshow for more! I love love!Ok…take notice of this shot. They are partying, dancing, having a blast. Look at Taylor looking at Chase. Do you see all of that love in her eyes? They both completely light up when looking at each other. ALL.THE.TIME.Chase getting down to some Bob Seger.What a FANTASTIC wedding!!! I had the best time, in fact we TOTALLY lost track of time and stayed quite a bit past our coverage time because we were just having so much fun!  It is SO refreshing to photograph a couple on their wedding day that are geniunely madly in love with each other like these two!

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to Taylor and Chase on their new marriage! I hope they are having a blast in Costa Rica! Stay tuned for the highlights slideshow that I will post upon their return!

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  1. brenda

    So, I don’t know the bride or groom I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE looking at your photos! This maybe one of my favorite weddings! The bride is absolutely stunning! These photos are phenomenal!!

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