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Wende & Andrew are HITCHED!!! | Part II | Wedding Highlights and slideshow | Erie PA Wedding Photography

Last weekend, team Click Chick headed to New York to photograph Wende and Andrew’s big day!  Their ceremony was held at the Panama Methodist Church, followed by a gorgeous tented reception at Wende’s parent’s home in Ripley. Check out a few of the highlight images from the day…

By the way…I LOVE the pampering that occurs on a wedding day. I mean, really…when will you EVER again have anyone put your shoes on for you, lotion your legs, or even hold your dress up while you go to the bathroom!?

I think it made everyone a hair nervous when the groom, Andrew, arrived to the church only 20 minutes or so before the ceremony! But ALAS–he made it!

 I LOVED Wende’s gown. It was so classic, so beautiful, and incredible on her! There were a LOT of laughs during the ceremony {it’s a good thing}, including this one when the pastor pointed out that he might need some sunglasses to look at Wende’s gigantic rock of a ring!Now it’s not often that you’ll see a “formal portrait” make it’s way into my final cut of blog and slideshow photos…typically they’re just so stuffy and forced, not to mention 9 times out of 10 the church altar is the least flattering lighting and backdrop to a portrait imagineable. HOWEVER–this one spoke to me. So beautiful!

After the ceremony, we headed somewhere to take group pictures. Yes, yes I know, I’m being rather broad here…unfortunately I have NO idea where we were—I’m completely unfamiliar with Ripley…so I just followed the limo…but I CAN tell you there was a pier and water 😉

 In case you missed the teaser post last week, I’ll go ahead and re-post the craziness that was Andrew’s best man.  Being that 90% of my couples opt to have their photos taken by a body of water, and it IS rather hot out this time of year, at least one groomsmen jokes that he is going to jump in the water. Not once have I ever had anyone actually DO this, until now. Here’s just a few quick shots from a 20-something-series of shots from this dude’s strip-and-run-and-jump-into-the-water-stunt.  YIKES!

And off we went to the reception!

The toasts are always one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. I do love hearing the best man spill little embarassing stories about the groom, but even more than that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE when the best man tells everyone how lucky the groom is and what a fabulous woman he is marrying.

 Wende and Andrew’s first dance was so touching. I may or may not have teared up a little. Again.


 THIS photo has significant meaning. I’m not sure if you took notice or not, I certainly didn’t, but the bride is 5 months pregnant! YAY!  She told me this at her final consult and I couldn’t believe it {as I was quite whale-like when I was 5 months pregnant…and she is barely showing!}. Anyhow, their plan was to release the sex of the baby at their wedding by wrapping the tossing bouquet in either a BLUE or a PINK ribbon. Alas–they’re having a baby BOY!! Woo! I get such a kick out of the fact that Andrew wore this “ditch digging light” contraption thing on his head for the garter removal. I have no clue what the real name is for that thingamajiggy, but it made for a hilarious picture.  What’s a wedding without FIREWORKS, right!? Well…ok, so yeah, you don’t see fireworks at a wedding very often at all. But how AMAZING! The bride’s family put on a massive fireworks show right in the back yard, and it was incredible!

But WAIT, don’t go anywhere yet! Don’t forget to check out the highlights slideshow below! It looks best if you set the YouTube quality to at least 720p! Enjoy!

Congratulations Wende and Andrew–both for your new marriage, AND for your little bundle on the way!

For more information on wedding photography in Austin TX and Erie PA, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email

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