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It’s a PARTY! Boudoir Style | Erie Pa and Austin TX Boudoir Photography

Yesterday I packed up the gear in my hot pink suitcase (the only suitable method of transporting my gear to a boudoir session, of course!) and headed to a boudoir party! Two previous clients and one new client got together and booked me for an entire day of boudoir fun!

And nothing completes a boudoir session like HOT SHOES!

And here’s our super lovely resident hair and makeup artist Kristin, glamifying my lovely clients…

While two of the sessions are surprise gifts for unsuspecting boyfriends/husbands….Miss “J” on the otherhand, who has now shot with me five–count ’em–FIVE times…has given me full permission to post whatever the heck I want! WOO! So here’s a peek into her session…

OK a little “backstory” on this (get it? haha. I’m a dork), I typically ask every client what their favorite and least favorite feature about themselves is…pretty much just to toss that out the window and make them LOVE their least favorite.  So this particular client wasn’t super fond of her back side. And I proved to her that it is magazine-worthy as per the shot below….

THIS girl came SO well prepared, that she even had some Georgetown Cupcakes shipped here from DC for her session!

Fabulous, right!?

So more than ANY other type of session, the day that I post a boudoir session on my blog, I get a massive surge of inquiries for them–and why wouldn’t I!? They’re fabulous little expressions of one’s self…not to mention the immense pick-me-up that every woman needs for herself.  BUT I do want to forewarn you that I am only able to book just a few more sessions between now and my big move to Austin in October.  If you are in ERIE and interested, book now, or forever hold your peace!

For more information on boudoir photography, visit the Click Chick Images website. For availability or to book, email

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