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Trashin’ the dress…where no bride + photographer has gone before | Erie PA Trash the Dress Photography

Y’all might remember Amber from last season….she’s the infamous Corona bride pictured below with her hubby…

WELL, Amber just happened to be back in town from LA for her friend Ashley’s wedding (whose wedding I am also shooting this weekend), and she decided she wanted a little bit of trash-the-dress action with me while she was here.  And much like when I shot her wedding, she gave me complete creative freedom.  Knowing Amber rather well now, I know several things: She has an appreciation for hot shoes, cupcakes, killer pictures (ah hem),  and fast food! So, I thought it only fitting to head to McDonalds. Now, I can assure you, I have never in my LIFE seen another bridal shoot at McDonalds. Ever. I even Googled it and couldn’t come up with any results. Yeah. It’s THAT out there!

Amber also brought along her bestie and one of her bridesmaids, Lynda, for double the fun!

Coolest bride EVER, right?!  Don’t worry–we did take the shoot slightly more seriously for the 2nd half–we headed to Erie Yacht club to take advantage of a pretty sunset! More on that later!

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