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Iyesha + Alex are HITCHED!!! | Part II | Wedding Highlights | Erie PA Wedding Photography

When Iyesha and Alex booked me over a year ago for Sunday, July 3rd, I had already booked a wedding on July 1st, 2nd, and had 3 inquiries for July 3rd. I’ve never shot 3 weddings in a row before, but was ready to embrace the challenge. I told myself that if I was going to take on that third wedding that the couple was going to get every ounce of energy that my first and 2nd couple of the weekend got!  And they did! In fact, it wasn’t until Tuesday that I finally crashed from wedding overload!

I had a lot of chances to get to know this couple….first and foremost, I went to grade school with Iyesha for several years…and I specifically remember her yellow shoes with the big bow that I envied so much in the second grade.  After Iyesha booked me for their wedding, I also had TWO engagement sessions with them, because they love pictures THAT much {my kinda people!}.

Take a look at their highlights from their BIG DAY!

The girls had their makeup perfected at Coventina Day spa, and looked FABULOUS!

Hi. Yes. Can we please talk about these shoes for a second!!? LOVE.THEM.  They’re actually plain ivory Rocket Dog pumps, but she added these hot feather/rhinestone shoe clips to them to jazz them up a bit! Amazing!

Annnd I loved the shoes so much that I used them to stage Iyesha’s engagement ring as well!

The second she put on that birdcage veil and looked in the mirror, she got this great big smile on her face….THAT was the final touch she needed to feel like a true bride!

The guys were getting ready at the Sheraton hotel where the ladies were as well, but on a different floor–which made it easy for me to grab some shots of the guys too!  Here’s the groom, all ready to go {and I love the vows brainstorming going on!} 

I LOVE this shot that Joe captured of Alex’s pocketwatch. Joe being the guy that he is…he didn’t get the story on this watch, but I’m willing to bet there’s a good story behind it.

It’s GO TIME!  Alex and Iyesha had their ceremony on the sunset terrace at the Bayfront Convention center. 

It was such a sweet moment when Iyesha’s father helped to fix her veil when the wind blew it up into the air…

We grabbed a few relaxed portraits outside before heading to the cocktail hour. When your ceremony location is right next to your reception location, it makes things a whole lot easier when it comes to photo-time!

The reception was held at the Bayfront Sheraton hotel, which is–no secret here–my all time favorite venue in Erie!


The CAKES–ahh yes, the cakes. You have to love the groom’s cake which is a little more than a nod to Alex’s fraternity days. As a matter of fact, there were SO many fraternity/sorority rituals throughout the reception—it was SO much fun!

Ok, ladies, get ready to swoon! Alex wrote and recited a poem for his new bride, and then sang her a song…then had his fraternity brothers join in to seranade her! PERFECTION!

And then Iyesha’s sorority sisters surrounded her and they all sang!

Shortly thereafter, the guys did a dance routine. I am SO glad there was a cinematographer there at this particular wedding! There was just so much action!

The girls had their own dance as well…

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

But, of course, to get the full effect you simply must watch the highlights slideshow!  {Be sure to view it at least 720p for the best quality!}

Congratulations to Iyesha and Alex!  I have NEVER before shot a wedding reception that was so action-packed—it was truly amazing!

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