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LAST CHANCE Bridal Shoot Marathon | Wear your wedding dress one.last.time | Erie PA Wedding Photography

Today ANOTHER bride contacted me to inquire about re-staging her wedding photos, as her $600 wedding photographer provided them with about 50 completely awful photos of their big day and she was crushed. This is not the first time I’ve received a phone call like this.  Everyone should have incredible images of their wedding day! After getting multiple brides that were commenting on my Facebook “vent” with more horror stories, I decided to put together a mini session marathon for ALL brides…Click Chick clients and non-clients alike.  If you’re looking for just a couple of killer images…orrrr if you just want an excuse to get into your gorgeous gown ONE more time, here it is, ladies!

As the flyer states, only limited spots are available–location TBD but will be in the general Erie area!  Since I don’t have much time before the BIG relocation to Austin, this could be your last chance to book with  me before I take off! Take full advantage, ladies! Tell your friends!

Reservations ARE required for this event. Email me at to book!


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