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Zac + Maggie Wedding Highlights | Erie PA Wedding Photographer

I showed you a little teaser on Friday night of Zac & Maggie’s July 1st reception…and, of course, I have more to share!

Zac and Maggie have to be one of the most fun loving, and FUNNY couples I have ever worked with. Seriously–ever. I knew this was going to be a wedding reception full of laughs and inappropriateness….right up my alley!

Maggie and Zac were actually married in May on  a cruise ship and chose to have a reception here in Erie at the Erie Bayfront Sheraton to celebrate with the family and friends that couldn’t make it to their destination ceremony.  Every wedding I photograph is different in SO many ways. I LOVED shooting the reception-only in their case. I’m sure the beach ceremony they had was absolutely lovely, but knowing them, I knew the reception would be “where it’s at”!

We spent a few minutes before the cocktail hour to get some relaxed portraits of the two of them and their families…

We headed out to Lawrence Park to visit Zac’s grandmother Geraldine at her nursing home and get a few photos of them. It was SUCH a great time, she is MADLY in love with her grandson (and said it about 2 dozen times in the 20 minutes we were there!).

Here they are right before their first dance…Zac had to get a good stretch in before they started, just to be sure he didn’t pull anything…

Maggie’s dance with her father was so beautiful…I’m usually a mushy mess during the father/daughter dances anyhow, but once the bride sheds a tear, it’s a good thing my face is hidden behind a camera!

Zac to the rescue with a napkin to wipe his wife’s tears…aww

The DJ (who was also Maggie’s brother) instructed guests to ALL get on the dance floor, and the closer to the couple they got–the more you loved them! Needless to say, I kind of lost them in this shot…

Have you seen the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”? It’s one of my favorites…and apparently Zac’s too. There’s a song that I had NEVER heard of until Friday night called “Movin’ like Bernie” referring to the dead-weight dance the Bernie “does”…you need to look it up on YouTube and see the sensation!  Anyhow, here is Zac and his guests movin’ like Bernie…

That wasn’t all of his talent, though….he also is quite the singer/rapper…he took over the mic and proceeded to serenade the guests with “the Humpty Hump”, and he was spot on!

As always, it is absolutely impossible for me to narrow an entire wedding down to just 10 or so images for a blog post–so here’s a highlights slideshow to better showcase their big day! {Be sure to watch at least at 720p for the best quality}

Congratulations to Zac and Maggie! What an AWESOME way to start off my 3 wedding weekend!

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