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Meet the Schroeder family | Erie PA Family Photography

Ok, please be prepared….what you are about to view is probably going to be the cutest family photos you have ever seen.  You’ve been warned!

Meet the Schroeder family…I went to high school with Bryce–the gorgeous supermom pictured below….and who’d have thought all these years later her husband Chris would be doing Caricatures at my wedding and I would be shooting her family photos.  Little Ajay here is quite possibly one of the best little subjects I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. He’s so extremely mild mannered, handsome, and WISE–can’t you see the wisdom in his eyes?!

By the way…if I may insert a little plug here…(of course I can! I’m the boss around these parts)– if you brides out there are looking for a crowd-pleaser at your weddings, you simply MUST look into hiring Chris of Save the Doodle to do caricatures for your guests.  I had him at my wedding…and let me tell you—EVERYONE had their caricature drawn, and EVERYONE is still talking about it! It was the absolute HIT of my wedding!

A big thank you to Bryce, Chris, and Ajay for being an absolute PLEASURE to work with!  They couldn’t have made my job any easier!

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One comment

  1. Bryce Schroeder

    Thank you for your wonderful presence, your amazing talent, and your loving words! The photos turned out great. I can’t agree more about your perception of Ajay having wisdom in his eyes. He’s got it all figured out (o:

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