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Steve & Stacey are HITCHED Part II | Pittsburgh PA Wedding Photography

I gave you a peek the other day, but I since Stacey and Steve’s amazing wedding this past weekend….so I thought I’d just go ahead and continue the precedent for me being insanely ahead of schedule–and give you ALL the juicy details!

Stacey and her maids got ready at her parents’ beautiful home in Bridgeville! It’s SO much easier to get amazing “getting-ready” shots when there’s big beautiful windows and lots of space…not to mention tons of smiling faces to capture…

I swear to you….she had this big beautiful smile on her face ALL.DAY.LONG!

We were able to grab some shots of the girls before all of the hustle and bustle began…

Here’s Steve—ready to “get the show on the road”! He was so ready to marry his beautiful bride!

The ceremony was held at the Epiphany Catholic Church in Pittsburgh. It was big, beautiful, and majestic!

Holy adorable ring bearers! They GIGGLED the whole way down the aisle. It was picture-perfect!

I was LOVING the entrance to the church–it made for an absolutely stunning photo of the two newlyweds!

We headed to a courtyard that the bride picked out close to the U.S. Steel building.  There were 2 other wedding parties and phtoographers there—but I could see why, it was such a scenic little photo backdrop in the heart of the city!

Planned? Or did somebody not get the memo? Or was Steve the only one who got the memo?

On to the reception at the Sheraton in Station Square.

Steve and Stacey did things a little different and got ALL of their events out of the way as soon as they were introduced so they could kick back and enjoy their wedding! They started right away with the cake cutting!

And on to their dances…which were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!



At the end of the night we headed out back to grab a few more shots of the newlyweds! So happy!

This couple (and yes, I realize I say this about all of my couples…but it’s oh-so-true) was one of my favorites! So cool, laid back, happy, and in love with each other!

WAIT! Before you go, you simply MUST MUST MUST check out their wedding highlights slideshow! So many awesome photos! {Remember to watch in at least 720p for the best quality!}

Congratulations Stacey and Steve!!!

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