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Avant Garde Bridal Shoot Part II | Erie PA & Austin TX Fashion Photography

Of course I couldn’t wait to share a few teasers from this session earlier this week—but there was just too much grunge goodness not to share much, MUCH more!

The model here (she doesn’t like to be referred to as a model, but…uh..HELLO–look at this girl!) is Nikki…a new photographer friend who recently moved back from NYC to good ol’ Erie PA.  This girl’s look SCREAMS high fashion and I had an image of her in a wedding dress as a bit of a grunge bride….so I put turned the image into a photo shoot, and the rest is in the visual documentation. Wow.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes action! The fabulous Joey Mancuso was on hair and makeup for the shoot–and she NAILED it! She put exactly what I had in my head on Nikki’s head (and face).

This amazing bouquet was crafted by Beth of Beth’s Flowers. Again, hit the nail on the head!

So. awesome! Thanks so much to Nikki for MAKING this shoot what it was, Beth for the absolutely incredible bouquet, and Joey for the rockstar hair and makeup. The gown you see here was actually meant to be my own wedding dress…it was custom ordered but didn’t quite fit me the way I wanted it to! So I will be selling it–if anyone is interested, message me!

For more information on bridal or fashion photography in Austin TX or Erie PA, visit the Click Chick Images website. For availability or to book, email

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