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Fashion Shoot slash Avant Garde Bridal Shoot slash pure awesomeness | Erie PA Austin TX Fashion Photography

Sometimes the opportunity to do a little something different presents itself, and other times (like yesterday), I had to create the opportunity myself.  After meeting Nikki several months ago, I knew that #1- She’s awesome #2- She should be a model #3- I wanted to photograph her.  What people don’t know is that it takes more than a pretty face to be a model…it means being unique, having interesting features, and having emotion in your face. {Please refer to ANTM for more detailed definition of “supermodel”.}  I knew that she would photograph BEAUTIFULLY. And I proved myself correct.  Not only was I photographing Nikki yesterday, but she also did a few shots of me, and later did my “trash the dress” session in my own wedding dress. More on that later. But for NOW…Hello, Cameron!

If you haven’t seen her working along side me here and there, and this photo isn’t a clue, Nikki is also an extremely gifted photographer. We had fun taking photos of each other taking photos. It’s a photographer (read: NERD) thing 😉

A fun little side story:  When you see 2 blonde girls in dresses and heels under a filthy bridge in downtown Erie, you’re bound to take a second look.  Some drivers went as far as to honk, yell out obscenities and compliements, wave, and ONE driver even went as far as to stop paying attention to what he was doing entirely just to “check us out”. Doing so caused him to slam into the stopped car in front of him, who then slammed into the car in front of HIM. 3 car pileup. “Welp, next location??” “Yeah, let’s go!”.

After a quick lunch break, we headed to be “brideified” by Ms. Joey Mancuso for hair and makeup for the bridal portion of our shoot. Joey did an AMAZING job capturing the look I was shooting for, avant garde.

A big thank you to Beth of Beth’s Flowers for the amazing bouquet for our shoot!

For more information, visit the Click Chick Images website.



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