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Stephanie & Ryan sittin’ in a surrey–K-I-S-S-I-N-G Part II | Full Blog Post | Erie PA Engagement Photography

Sometimes, posting just 2 or 3 images from a session just isn’t enough to visually demonstrate the awesomeness of the shoot. That being said, I felt as though Stephanie and Ryan’s surrey engagement shoot from the other day deserved a little bit more attention! Alas, a full blog post featuring their adorable engagement session:


And HERE is about where I made the switch from cute and fun to soft, dreamy, and romantic…

You may notice, once I made that little “switch” I referred to earlier…that my colors became a little more subtle than usual,  the shot wasn’t quite as sharp and crisp, but rather “soft, dreamy, and romantic” as I mentioned above. While I’ve always been a HUGE fan of super bright colors, I think this subdued style definitely has a time and a place…and I thought that THIS session was perfect for it.  What do you guys think of the slightly different style?  Did you even notice? I welcome all feedback!

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