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A look at “First Look” | Katie & Kevin’s sneak peek | Erie PA Wedding Photography

Anytime a couple opts to do “first look”  on their wedding day, I feel compelled to share it with you. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “first look” refers to a bride and groom seeing each other before their wedding ceremony. This serves a couple of different purposes. 

First–the reasons why photographers like it so much–it gives us the opportunity to snap a few photos of a sweet, intimate moment between the couple, without the added stress of trying to nail the shots of both the bride coming down the aisle, AND the groom’s reaction–it’s hard to get both perspectives in such a short period of time and usually with less than stellar ceremony site shooting conditions.  The other reason for first look–to calm the nerves of the anxious bride and groom! Knowing how I reacted to the big double-doors opening and it being “my turn” to walk down the aise on my own wedding day–I was completely overcome with emotion, anxiety, and the shakes. I know if I would have set aside a private moment before the ceremony with just my husband and I, it would have instantly removed all of those anxious feelings, and I might have got a few shots of me coming down the aisle in which I WASN’T sobbing like a baby! 

Katie and Kevin opted for the “first look” moment to calm themselves down, and it was a lovely little meeting! Here’s Katie “in hiding”, peeking out from being a pillar waiting for her husband-to-be to round the corner…

And their meeting…


Lovely, right?

Hopefully Katie and Kevin aren’t VIEWING this post right now, as they’re supposed to be on their honeymoon in Punta Cana, so I hope they’re having a FABULOUS time!

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