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Getting good use out of your wedding dress investment…| Erie PA Trash the Dress Photography

I say “trash the dress”, and fear is stricken into the eyes of nearly every bride (and mother of the bride) within ears’ shot! In fact, it’s happened several times in the last week alone! (Ahem, Elisha, Sara, Lisa, Stephanie!)  Not to fear, brides, this doesn’t need to be interpreted literally!

Spending months, sometimes even YEARS picking the perfect wedding dress for your big day is quite a process. Most brides don’t want to take their gowns off at the end of the night. What chance will you EVER have to wear it again?! Hello!!?? {flailing arms}  Call me!

On a wedding day, things are typically very rushed, frantic, chaotic, and rightfully so! It’s a big day, there’s lots to do, dances to be had, and group pictures to be taken. So often times, there isn’t a tremendous amount of time allowed for lots of creative relaxed portraiture of just the bride alone. Of course we get SOME, but in my eyes, there can never be too much time allotted for the gorgeous bride in her stunning gown.

Scheduling a separate photo shoot after the wedding hustle and bustle have subsided is a fantastic way to get your gown-time and get some added fabulous images.  Here’s a few of my favorites from past TTD sessions that show you they aren’t scary, but awesome!

I may be a glutton for punishment, here, because my schedule is really super duper crazy busy over the summer with weddings, and any time I post a blog about any particular session I get a little rush of inquiries for that type of session…but I LOVE them and I love to be busy! So if you’re interested, let’s book one! I’m currently scheduling only on weeknights, mid-June through the end of June, and then resuming again in August until October.

For more information, check out the Click Chick Images website. For availability or to book, email

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  1. xiaojia35802

    A feeling of happiness, a woman in a wedding dress. Her life is the most beautiful time, the dress is so beautiful, ladies worth having.

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