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Haldis | Holy wow. | Erie PA Dance Photography

Though I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of my relaxed portrait sessions, it’s always refreshing to be approached with something a little different–which is happening more and more lately and that makes me smile!

On Sunday I headed out to Mill Village {no, I don’t know where that is either.  But the businesses there were named things like “Barber Shop” and “Animal Feed”} to shoot with Haldis, an extremely talented dancer and skilled lyra-ist {I don’t have any idea what the proper term is for lyra-ist}.  I don’t really need to talk much about this session. Just look at the images. Wow.

Yeah I’ll let YOU try and figure this one out…

A special thanks to Joey Mancuso who did Haldis’ hair and makeup fabulousness, and to Rob & Dan who helped out with lighting, spotting, and other important tasks, and to Vanessa who helped with posing (I know NOTHING about dance, so something could look AWESOME to me, but it’s all wrong to a pro dancer!), and also the ever-important issue of holding an umbrella over me while shooting outdoors for the 2nd half of the session (more on that later!).

All around awesome shoot!

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  1. I LOVE this shoot Kara!! Its always exhilarating to step out of the usual, and you run home and start on them right away cause you have all the ideas running thru your head!!!

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