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Megan & Brandon’s Engagement Story | Erie Pa Engagement Photography

Ok yes, pictures pictures pictures…I understand that’s what you’re all looking on my blog for. BUT every now and then I come across a story that’s worth sharing with y’all…and this is a MUST READ!

Megan contacted me over 6 months ago looking to schedule an engagement session for her and her fiance, who were to be getting married out of town. We had to reschedule twice because of the weather, and once because the groom-to-be was sick. Thankfully, it landed us on this BEAUTIFUL day with GORGEOUS light!  Anyhow, during an engagement session I tend to ask a lot of questions about the engagement. How did it happen? Were you surprised? How long had you been dating? Etc etc because I’m always so interested in the juicy details.

Today, I got the scoop on Megan and Brandon, and  it just might be the best story I’ve ever heard.  I asked Megan how Brandon proposed…and she said “He had me arrested!”.  “HOLD UP! WHAT?!” I asked, halting shooting. Apparently, Brandon had a friend of a friend who was the state constable interrupt their dinner by approaching the table, asking Megan “Are you Megan Hoffman?” She said “Yes”, and the state constable proceeded to tell her she was under arrest and needed to step outdoors. Completely freaked out, and seeing her fiance turn white as a sheet, she thought this was for real. There were handcuffs and everything. The constable asked Brandon if there was anything he needed to say to his girlfriend before she was taken away. And that was when he dropped to a knee and pulled out the ring.  HOLY.CRAP. Best story ever!  Certainly not the sappy, lovey dovey proposal that some girls fantasize about, but to ME, and after meeting THEM–it was absolutely PERFECT! They have a fabulous sense of humor and know how to use it!  “The couple that plays together stays together”…and old cliche saying, but totally true in my book!

The light was BEAUTIFUL for this shoot. Just perfect!

Look at those blue eyes!

In love with this shot. Just. Yes.

Not only do Megan and Brandon have a kick-butt engagement story, but they are leaving TODAY actually for Vegas where they will be married on top of the Stratosphere hotel!  How cool is that?  I told them I had just returned from Vegas on my honeymoon, and that it was the perfect place for them to be married!

CONGRATULATIONS to Megan & Brandon! I had a BLAST with them!!

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  1. Larissa Smith

    That story is too funny! Love the first pic – great use of negative space. I LOVE negative space. 🙂

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