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Click Chick and Click DUDE? | Meet JOE!

Those of you who have worked with me over the past couple of years have probably seen some handsome, metrosexual-type man tagging along with me to assist and second shoot.

THAT would be my husband Joe. He’s been working along side me here and there and learning the ropes. I am now releasing him into the public eye as he’s proved his photographic prowess. {I can picture him rolling his eyes while reading this post}.  We are now officially a husband/wife team and he will be shooting just about every wedding, and some non-wedding shoots with me. I’ll pause for applause.

I have to admit, being the techie nerd that I am, seeing him shooting just makes my day…and then going through the shots afterwards and seeing that he actually knows what he’s doing now…well that just the best thing ever! Ok, maybe the second best…the first best would probably be when someone at a wedding asks him a question and he says “You’ll have to ask the boss”. That’s definitely the best! 

Working in the wedding industry as a planner first, I always took notice of the husband-wife photography teams and eventually wanted that to be us. They tend to work together so well, and know what each other is thinking without having to verbally communicate it. I can honestly say that it has been a very smooth “training” process and I thoroughly enjoy working with him…we get along better “on the job” than we do at home! Haha.  And the clients love him too…

{by the way, LOVE this shot ^^^}

I don’t believe I’ll be changing the business name…I like it too much…and as “gimicky” as it may be, it sticks, and it’s stuck to me.  So Joe will just have to suffer through being the “Click Chick’s assistant”…I don’t think he minds.

Here’s a couple of the shots that he’s done that I’ve given him a little pat on the back for 🙂

So if you see him out shooting with me, give him a high five and congratulate him on his “promotion”! Individually we’re pretty cool people, if I do say so myself, but together…

{D R E A M  T E A M }


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