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Hair Feather Extensions! | New Service, Lindsey Allen @ Koenig’s Barber Stylists | Business Campaign Photography

Ooh la la LOVE the new feather extension craze! It hit the West coast hard and has been most-rocked by Steven Tyler and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I often complain that we are the last to get anything cool out this way, but luckily Lindsey Allen has brought these all-natural hair feather extensions to our little town that is Erie, PA.  Yesterday I headed out to East Lake Road where the salon is located to do a shoot of these little beauties (meaning the feathers)…but little did I know I would be shooting potential super models when I got there! I got some incredible headshots of these lovely ladies rocking their feather extensions!

Meet Lindsey and her turquoise feathers!

And Amanda with her HOT PINK feathers…

Annnd Leslie with her PURPLE feathers…

Amazing, right??  These hair feather extensions can be treated with your natural hair…washed, dried, curled, flat ironed–all up to 400 degrees. And they can last up to 6 months!  After our shoot yesterday, I even got a little somethin’ somethin’ in my hair…2 clusters of the turquoise feathers (as seen on Lindsey in the 1st image!). And I’m LOVING them! I know I’ll be back and back again to change up my colors!

If you’re interested in this wicked awesome service, contact Lindsey directly at 814.434.3232 and schedule your appointment.  Be sure to mention that you learned about this service from the Click Chick to receive a free shampoo and style-out with your feather extension appointment!

One comment

  1. Rosalie

    Thanks so much for the info. I’m actually about to get feather extensions myself, and this had just the information I was looking for. These ladies are gorgeous, and make the feathers look amazing.

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