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John & Latoya are HITCHED!! | Erie, PA Wedding Photography

I showed you a quick little peek the other day, but today, a wider selection of my favorite shots from John & Latoya’s wedding. Although my coverage only lasted through the ceremony and a few quick minutes afterward for some group photos, I think it was the smoothest running, most efficient wedding I’ve ever shot! Typically group photos are sheer chaos, but we had a blast, kept it rolling, and got a RECORD number of shots in such a short period of time!

This was such a beautiful moment. I LOVE when wedding ceremonies are full of emotion…as they SHOULD be!

Latoya’s father’s face was priceless here. We were commenting on how he was looking at every camera but the one the couple was paying for!

Right after this shot, I told John “No matter how old you are, you’ll always be your mom’s little baby!!”

This shot of the guys is priceless. Not because it’s the Charlie’s Angels pose, but because one of them suggested “Let’s do BOND”, and they ALLL did this at the same time.  I said “I think you have your movies confused!”.

The toughest bridal party around!

We had so much fun with the group pictures! Since we were on a truncated time table, I basically said “OK everyone, I’m just going to fire away, change your pose ever couple of seconds”.  This went on for about 3 minutes, and it was hilarious! I wish I could post all 50 of them! So great!

STUNNING shot of Latoya! What a beautiful bride!!


Congratulations to the Warners!

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