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Shade 50th Anniversary Party! | Erie, PA Special Event Photography

I was so blessed to get set up with the Shades for the tremendously special occassion of a 50th Anniversary party! 50 years! That’s incredible! The party was absolutely stunning and flawlessly planned by the anniversary couple’s daughter, Laurie and her family.

I must give SPECIAL mention to the cake! As you can see below in the photo of a photo–the cake for their 50th anniversary party was a replica of their actual wedding cake 50 years ago. I give the most genuine praise to fabulous cake baker and artist, Jennifer Shaffer, who pulled off this masterpiece. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the similarities!

And a few fun family shots!

On board for the evening was the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel–my favorite venue–as well as the one and only John Gallagher on entertainment, Carl Larese of Larese Floral on centerpieces, Jennifer Shaffer’s fabulous cake, and of course the Click Chick on photography duty!

Cheers to the Shades on their inspirational milestone, and here’s to many more!!

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