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The last couple of weeks has been a complete whirlwind…all leading to the culmination of an 11 year relationship and loads of planning and wedding preparation. I finally and OFFICIALLY married my soulmate. People have been bombarding us with congratulations and well wishes, and we just couldn’t feel more blessed. Part of me is VERY sad that the wedding is over! Just as everyone said it would, the day FLEW by! But I am SO excited to be able to officially call myself a wife, and Joe my husband!

One of the most prominent questions I was getting about the wedding was “WHO in the WORLD is going to do your photography!?!?”. Each time I was asked I had a very confident, very BRAGGY response.   I chose Elizabeth & John Craig of Craig Photography out of Pittsburgh for SO many reasons.  Starting up in the photography industry, the Craigs have been a great source of inspiration and a wealth of knowledge for me.  Their style is beautiful, timeless, and FULL of emotion. I knew our day would be super emotional, moreso than many weddings because of all of our history…and I knew that I wanted someone who was not only a stellar photographer, but a story teller through their images AND whose personalities we meshed well with. Craig Photography was my first choice for all of those reasons.  And if one amazing photographer isn’t enough, Joanne Bartone of Joanne Bartone Photography filled in as a second shooter for Elizabeth’s ill husband, John (who we missed, by the way!!). It was a photographer bride’s dream to have 2 photographer masterminds merge to capture our day! I was just given the link to view the images, and they’re all AMAZING! So happy with them! (Don’t worry, I’ll post more after I get the disc!!)       Ceremony photos copyright Craig Photography.

I was NERVOUS.  SOOOO nervous. I knew that I would be EMOTIONAL, but really didn’t know I would be a ball of nerves like I was.  When the doors opened and my little brother took my arm to walk me down the aisle, I lost it. Completely bawled. After 11 years of our intense, passionate, crazy relationship, THIS was the culmination!  Our ceremony was short, but sweet—OHHH so sweet. We did something (well, a lot of things) different and opted for a toast delivered during the ceremony…by the groom himself. It for me! Amazing. I think everyone at the wedding was teary eyed or sobbing like I was. The things that Joe said, in front of ALL of those people, were something you’d see in a sappy chick flick that you KNOW never happens in real life but wish it did. I will always remember the words that he spoke and they mean more to me than ANYTHING anyone has ever said to or about me…EVER.

I am so excited to continue on our lives together as husband and wife. I am not ashamed to say that we are a DREAM TEAM and can conquer ANYTHING together…we’ve proved that time and time again.

We will be further celebrating our newlywed bliss on a honeymoon to Vegas (we’re fun people!) next week and will return the 2nd week of April! Thank you to all my clients who are being so supportive and respectful of this special time off for me! I will be kicking it back into high-gear when I return from our honeymoon!!!

Photo Copyright Craig Photography



“Hitched” Chick!

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  1. Kat

    what you said about the things that Joe said, how its like in a chick flick that you wish would happen in real life, but doesnt…. you were right! It WAS like that! 🙂 and yes, we were all at LEAST teary! 🙂 awesome day! SOOOO Happy for you, friend!!!! 🙂


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