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The Click Chick is headed west! | Austin, TX wedding photography


HELLO my fabulous blog readers!  I apologize for not being as blog-faithful this month!  January/February is typically the time of year that wedding photographers go into hibernation in preparation for the upcoming wedding season! Not ONLY do I have that bear-like mentality going on at present moment, but I am also in wedding planning mode, AND………

Some of you may have noticed a little change to my website. In the lower left-hand corner the words “Erie, PA Wedding and Life Photography” has been replaced with “Austin, TX Wedding and Life Photography”. So the cat is out of the bag, Click Chick Images will soon {November 2011} be an Austin, TX based wedding photographer. This will be my last full wedding season in Erie, Pennsylvania! My time has come to move on, which I knew it would eventually.  I couldn’t be more excited! Do you KNOW what the wedding market is like there!? Ohhh boy I just can’t wait!  If you’re bummed that I won’t be here to shoot your wedding, no worries—I will still accept a few weddings a year in good ol’ Erie PA to allow the opportunity to visit with family and friends.  So still don’t hesitate to contact me!

My E-town clients couldn’t be more appreciated and loved—and I still hope, that regardless of my move, you will still be in contact with all of your important life events that need photographed so we can coordinate schedules and still work together!!

Thank you ALL for your continued support and well-wishes in this big and important change in my family’s life. And if you know anyone in Austin–help a chick out and send them my website 😉

SO if you still need engagement, family, boudoir, or any other type of photo shoot, I am planning on a VERY full shooting schedule from now until the time that I move–keep ’em coming!


  1. erika durochia

    ohh noooow you move to austin!!! man i’m like 4 hour away from austin! unfortunately i wont be there for long, bummer. I was really trying to get pics. awe well maybe ill catch ya before you in PA before ya fly off to austin. *check out their roller derby team btw… freakin epic. no lie!*

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