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Headshot Project | Shoot One | Ana

The end of wedding season has flung me into a panic mode.  Sure, I’ve got lots of shoots scheduled for the winter months…but nothing beats the insanity of wedding season. So I am taking these slower months as an opportunity to rest up, and really concentrate on advancing my techniques.  I think the best way to do that is by means of photo projects. Most of you have heard of the 365 project….a photo a day for a year. That’s fabulous in theory, but completely unrealistic for me. Some days I might take 600 shots/day, and some days I might not even think about opening my camera bag. So I decided on a project with no real numerical goal. I’m just going to work on sharpening my indoor shooting skills by means of different and creative lighting set-ups.

Here’s my first shot of the project.  Ana.   Could I have asked for a better jumping off point for this project? I mean, how difficult could it really be to get a killer shot with this girl as the subject??

Over the course of this project, I intend to shoot ALL types of people. Male, female, all ages, all different ethnicities, all different looks, everyday people.  It should be fun!

See you soon!


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