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Where has the Click Chick gone?!

My goodness! Other than yesterday, my last post was weeks ago! My email and text inbox was flooded with “Are you alive??” messages, my blog has been lonely, and my “public appearances” have been extremely rare! So what gives!? WELL–I think you’ll notice this trend amongst photographers and other wedding industry vendors. We hit a wall. Riiight after the last wedding of the season, we crash. It’s not just a wall of exhaustion, but a wall of constant order fulfillments, album layouts, and inquiries/bookings for the next wedding season.

On top of all the typical post-wedding-season stresses, I ran into a little blip on my health radar. Without going into TOO much detail-one day some chest pains started, and later that day I lost feeling in my hands for 4 hours. Either one of those symptoms on their own wouldn’t startle me, but TOGETHER I was spooked.  Long story short–it seems as though I’ve finally come face-to-face with the genetic gift that my family has given me–thyroid disorder. I’ve been avoiding being tested for it for years, knowing that once diagnosed I’d be forced into daily lifetime medication and most likely surgery. Blah. So that’s that. It could be worse, and I’m grateful that it isn’t. But, it’s still not much fun. My anxiety levels are at an all-time-high and spike quite easily. So I was “commanded” by an endocrinologist who also happens to be one of my wedding clients, that I was not to so much as turn my computer on for a week. No emails. No phone calls. No stress. {I failed miserably}. Just enjoying the company of my family and friends over the holiday.  So that’s where I was and why I was more difficult to get a hold of than usual!  Some people were more understanding than others. But I suppose you’ll have that.

Enough about that, though! back to the fun stuff! Here’s a little collection of some photos I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks. Some were shoots, some personal!

Love this shot! This is Kristin & Bryan who were my fabulous bride & groom models for a styled vintage vineyard bridal shoot!

And here’s my friend, Emily. She’s a dancer {obviously}, and hired me to do her dance photos. This was my FAVORITE from the session! Try to figure THAT one out!

A cool studio shot of the staff at YogaErie.

My son on Thanksgiving 🙂

Our Christmas tree 🙂

LOVED this little girl!! She was one of the children in a family photo shoot I did last week. She was awesome!

And here’s a shot from Rebekah & Dan’s wedding on 11.13. It’s often tough to catch big emotion from guys, but I think it was a success here!

And Michaela–whose senior photos I did. Can you say blue eyes?! Amazing!

Here’s a little clip from Joe and I’s “Save-the-Date” video! We had so much fun putting it together! {Not a professional image by any means…that’s what we were going for!}

To view the video in it’s entirety, click {HERE}.  Fun stuff. Needless to say, our wedding will be quite different.

So that about wraps up my last few weeks. It’s been a whirlwind. Once I finish up with all these Christmas orders and album layouts, I’ll be focusing on my own wedding, but I am still accepting non-wedding shoots throughout the winter! So don’t be afraid to get in touch!!

Until next time…

Kara Marie

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