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Last week I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for the instructors of YogaErie. I probably bragged enough about this yoga studio in my teaser blog last week…but in case you missed it–YOU MUST GO THERE. Even if you aren’t into yoga at all. I assure you, you’ll feel better walking out than you did walking in! I’ve got a LONG way to go {so long of a way, in fact, that I laugh at myself every time I go to a class}, but out of all of the yoga classes I’ve attended at all of the different studios, YogaErie was, by far, my favorite.  There’s not much I can say about these photos…they kind of speak for themselves. Wow.

Owner, Jill.

Instructor, Mark….making me nervous. One finger on the “9” key on my cell phone.

Instructor, Amy

Instructor, Sona, making it look completely effortless.

This shot was Jill’s idea and I love it!!

One of my favorites from the session:

Yeah. Wow.

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