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Teaser | Rebekah & Dan’s Wedding! | 11.13.2010

I’m not sure why this is my favorite image from Rebekah & Dan’s wedding. Maybe because it shows you how animated Rebekah is—she is just a beautiful person inside and out and each and every one of her expressions reflects that….maybe it’s because of the lighting that I was able to scrape together at the last possible second prior to the cake cutting…maybe it’s because I was excited to be able to score a behind-the-cake-table shooting spot that typically set-up doesn’t allow for…maybe it’s because the cake cutting was my FAVORITE part of their day {more on that in a future blog…}, but whatever the reason, I LOVE this shot!

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  1. This is a great cake picture and I love the off-camera lighting. I always struggle with the cake for the very reasons you said – it’s so hard to get a good spot!!! You can never be behind the cake you’re always like craning to get a good view amidst the million other guests trying to get a picture. And I find sometimes I use the light off camera and one of their shadows end up inhibiting the others expressions or something. I need to work on this one more.

    Good job anyway!!

    • clickchickimages

      Totally agreed on the off camera lighting challenges. I do end up with far less “keepers” because of one blocking the others light, but the ones that I do get I love. I only use it for the one on one dances and the cake cutting for that very reason,

    • clickchickimages

      I still have that logo but unfortunately I don’t have alternate colors for it…so if it’s a dark background I have to use this one or the text wot show up

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