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The Click Chick is getting hitched!!!

I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to make the OFFICIAL announcement–but I finally get to have a wedding of my VERY OWN!!! Eeeee!!!  11 Years. ELEVEN years Joe and I have been together. We’re already married in SO MANY ways, but nope I never got an OFFICIAL proposal or an OFFICIAL ring, ORRR an OFFICIAL wedding! {Which is a super long story that I’ll spare you from!}

On Saturday night,  he proposed! It was wonderful and thrilling and everything I’d ever hoped it would be.   After all these years, Joe knew that there were only so many ways he could do this while still being a surprise. Every time he was acting slightly romantic I assumed “this is IT!”. So he had to be sly about it. He actually PICKED a fight–a pretty big fight–earlier in the week so he could use going out to our favorite restaurant as a “make up date” because he knew if he just asked me to go out to dinner for no reason, I’d be suspicious. He also did not get a babysitter on purpose. Because if HE actually made the arrangements for our son, I would DEFINITELY know something was up {moms–you know what I’m talking about here! We always make ALL the arrangements!!}.  We headed up to La Bonne Vie at the Casino, our fave date spot, and ordered our dinner. He was cool and collected through the whole thing and never let on that anything huge was about to happen.

He knows me well enough to know that I ALWAYS order dessert, even if I’m completely stuffed.  This time, I just didn’t think I could do it. I was SO full…and he said “I think I might actually have some room–we could split something”.  That should have been a dead giveaway. Mr. Health Nut’s idea of dessert is a salad. I listened to the server’s description of all of the desserts with wide eyes and decided on the apple dumpling. A few minutes later the plate came out, was placed in front of me, and the word “ENJOY!!” was excitedly blurted out of the server’s mouth as she ran away. I almost said “Excuse me, miss–I didn’t order the chocolate cake”–because the chocolate-colored ring box looked like a fancy little dessert in the dim lighting.  But then, I kind of realized…”HOLY@#@()*&%!0 that’s not dessert!’.  “Joe…WHAT is that?!”  “I don’t know…I thought you ordered the apple dumpling!?”  “JOOOEEE….WHAT isss THAT!?!?!?!”  And I started to sob. Without even opening the box. Just sobbed. I opened it and shrieked. I even asked him to ask me to marry him again, because I definitely didn’t even hear him the first time. It was wonderful! I cried for an hour! They brought out champagne, and all of the staff that had been watching from across the restaurant continued to drop by the table with their congratulations.  Joe and I are COMPLETE foodies and getting engaged after a delicious meal of lobster tail, fillet, and 5 cheese truffle gnocchi at our favorite restaurant couldn’t have been more perfect! Well, actually, yes it could have–it would have been the icing on the cake if they would have actually served us our apple dumpling that we ordered! Haha. We never did get our dessert. The server later announced that she was insanely nervous the whole time, so I’ll chalk it up to that!

Needless to say, the wedding is already planned in my head and this week we’ll be starting to put things into action for a March wedding! Being that my schedule is entirely booked every weekend from April until November, we’ve got a lot to do with not much time!

Joe MAY even be a bit more excited than I am! Apparently he told ALL of his clients, friends, and his whole family that he was going to propose on Saturday…and grabs my hand and studies the ring with every chance he gets.  I think he’s proud of his purchase 🙂

As if all this big news wasn’t fabulous enough, that same morning I found out that the shoot I did with Elizabeth Craig for Susan Nichole Hangbags over the summer had paid off in big ways. Susan Nichole used an ad featuring MEEE {oh, and the awesome Sierra bag} to grace the back cover of VegNews magazine…opposite Bob Harper {Biggest Loser Trainer!!} who I just have a huge celebri-crush on!  So exciting!!

AND the day before that I booked a wedding in the Cayman Islands! So it’s just been an incredible weekend from START to FINISH and I’m so blessed and excited and happy happy happy! So, if you don’t mind, I’m just going to take today and not post any photo shoots or teasers, and just relish in all this excitement!!


  1. Larissa Smith

    What a wonderful story! John & I were together for 10 years before he proposed – I think that’s the way to do it. Thanks for sharing and congrats to both of you!

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