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Now that wedding season is drawing to an end… | A personal post

It’s the end of October, and around “these parts” {said with a redneck drawl}, that means wedding season is drawing to an end. I have ONE last wedding this fall, and then it’s a wedding hiatus until March! I have mixed feelings about that! This season has been one of HUGE strides in my work. I’ve accomplished so much, learned what feels like a lifetime’s worth of photography knowledge, and really learned a lot about myself as an individual, a mom, a “life partner”, and a professional. I’m SO thrilled to say after my FIRST full-time year of photography, that I LOVE MY JOB. I love it I love it I love it! It’s an absolute blessing to be able to take something I’m passionate about and actually pay my bills with it!  Am I ROLLING in the dough? Nope. Not even close.  But I would rather continue driving my 2003 “beater” vehicle, and take 1 vacation/year rather than 2 or 3 as a compromise for being able to spend time with my son, work for myself, and do something that I LOVE doing!

Over the winter months you’ll probably see me starting a few photography projects, doing some work with local charities, doing a LOT of boudoir sessions (’tis the season for sexy presents!), and just reflecting on life in general. I’ll be doing some really big things in the next several years, and I don’t feel guilty or arrogant in the least by saying that. I know that my future is in my hands {and of course, God’s!} and that I have the power to do whatever I want with it. And I choose to do big things 🙂 You should too!  It’s a liberating feeling!

So anyhow, on that note…here’s a few photos that I took the other day at the Zoo. It’ll be nice to start casually taking photos again, as quite honestly my right wrist has been swollen and sore this whole wedding season from supporting my 234908230lb camera/flash/battery grip/lens–I haven’t even physically been able to lift the thing any other time than when I’m being paid to! My childhood friend {and fellow photog} and I went to the zoo with our kiddos on Wednesday. Her children have got the.most.incredible.eyes! Check them out!!


And of course, I only got a few pictures of MY little man…as he is a crazy person and runs around like a maniac!! I caught him standing still for JUSSST a second and ended up with this shot of him pretending he was a tiger…


I’m looking forward to a winter full of play dates, mommy/AJ dates, and a slew of engagement, maternity, family, and boudoir sessions!


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  1. Kat

    great post Kara! I need to read these more often! I’m SO proud of you as a photographer and as a friend!!! the zoo was fun! 🙂 I know you’re gonna do Big & Great things too! your hard works pays off and i’m glad you love it & i’m glad you’re proud! You should be! *applause*


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