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Celebrating with Susan Nichole…

From September 20th until October 20th I was on a purse, shoe, and clothing-buying strike for no other reason than realizing I spend WAY too much money on those items each month! I wanted to see how much I could save by not buying these items.   The answer was $2,486.13.  That’s how much I sent to my savings account in the past 30 days. NOW, don’t go calling shopaholics anonymous on me just yet—I think I was just overall more spending conscious and really aggressively saving…I don’t really spend that much every month on clothes and things…but anyhow, ON TO THE POINT.  Wednesday marked the last day of my spending strike…and what a PERFECT time for my Susan Nichole handbags to arrive!! Now I know what you’re thinking, if they ARRIVED on Wednesday, that means I cheated, right?! Welll not technically. I rationalized the heck out of it. You see, the Purple Betty handbag is one that I’ve had my green-with-envy eyes on since my shoot in June for Susan Nichole Handbags.  The fabulous Elizabeth Craig of Craig Photography was hired by the animal-friendly company to shoot her amazing line of cruelty-free handbags and lucky ol’ me was asked to model the bags!!  Pictures AND amazing purses!?!? Yes please!!  Elizabeth is also the one who turned me on to these bags! She talks about them with the same amount of enthusiasm as I do, so it was PERFECT that she was asked to photograph them!  See…here I am 🙂


Anyways, I got a promotional email from SNH announcing a BOGO sale! Yep, BOGO! This was the PERFECT opportunity for me to get my Purple Betty AND the Tan Charlotte I’d had my eye on as a stylish iPad bag!  But, oh no….my purse-buying strike was still in full swing.  OH WAIT–what’s that?? What’s that you say?? The Purple Betty is only on PRESALE and will not be available for shipment until the end of October??! PERFECT!

MUCH to my delight, while plotting my shopping plan of attack on Wednesday, the last day of my strike, UPS rang my doorbell like they always do at 11:30am. Though, this didn’t look like my standard album/print delivery…it looked like…….could it BE?! YES–SUSAN NICHOLE came through for me! And EARLY! Wooo hooo!

I sliced open that box with no regard to my vulnerable fingers {yep, definitely cut myself and didn’t even realize it because I was SO excited!} and saw THESE beauties staring back at me!

Now I’ve always preached that when it comes to business, packaging is SO important…so you could expect that reason #234 why I love these bags is that they are packaged in this pretty peek-a-boo bag made of 100% recycled materials! It’s perfect, it gives you a little glimpse of your sexy bag the second you open the box {which by the way, is NOT shipped with any filler/packing peanuts/unnecessary junk}. Then you get the bag out of the bag…and you just sort of lose yourself for a moment staring at it. Ahhh. Oops, there I went again.

And here is the Charlotte in Tan. Perfect alternative to a bulky briefcase!  I’m going to use mine as an iPad bag but you could also use it for a netbook, or books, or just to carry around empty because it’s JUST.THAT.AMAZING.

Oh, and no…I don’t sell for this company! Haha. Those of you who know me know that I’m a loyal customer, and when I’m excited about something, I talk about it. A lot.

Anyhow, I just thought I would share that with you, since there were so many of you that were doubtful that I could go a whole 30 days without buying any clothing, shoes, or handbags. I did it (mostly)…and I’m so happy that I could celebrate my success with Susan Nichole, Charlotte, and Betty!

P.S. The BOGO sale is still going on!! Be sure to get your favorites—and it’s free shipping too! {I SWEAR I’m not a hired spokesperson for this company….but wouldn’t that be a great gig for me!?!}

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