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Cole | Children’s Relaxed Portrait Sessions | Erie, PA Family Photography

I’m just going to go ahead and skip the normal routine of posting 1 teaser image, and just post my handful of favorites for tonight’s session with almost-three-year-old {Cole} and his Mom and Dad. This little guy was just SO adorable…and SO determined to exhaust every attraction at Mason Farms’ Pumpkintown! Here are some of my favorites from the session:


Here’s some delicious detail shots of the produce at Mason Farms.  I just LOVE that place… and a little side-plug {{you should buy LOCAL whenever you can!!!}}


As soon as we got there, Cole was letting everyone know exactly where he wanted to go…”Over there!”


Contemplating his next move…


Time to feed the animals!! They were hungry little buggers!!  In order to get Cole’s face in the shot, I had to be right up against the gate…they were licking my camera, my face, and eventually the llama even tried to feast on my SHIRT and camera bag! So funny!

Thinking about eating the corn….then EATING the corn!

And all of Cole’s emotions

And that wraps up my favorites from the shoot!

Fall is the PERFECT time for photos of your family, your children, you and your fiance/spouse, and really any other occasion! There’s still some shoot times left for this fall–so book yours now!  For more information on family photography, visit the Click Chick Images website.   For availability or to book, email

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