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Carly & Jeff SANDELL! | 10.02.10 | Conneaut Lake, Pa Wedding Photography

I work a little backwards sometimes. Some photographers have phenomenal self-control and leak details of their weddings little by little. I’m not very good at waiting AT ALL! The day after the wedding I post a teaser, and although I tell my couples “within 2 weeks you’ll see a highlights slideshow”…it’s actually much sooner.  Yesterday I had a series of shoots lined up, but the weather was less-than-stellar, so I got to bundle up with a blanket, several cups of tea, and my computer and get to work on Carly & Jeff’s wedding photos from the night before.

WHERE to begin with this wedding!?It was just so well put together, from beginning to end. Both the ceremony and reception was held at the Hotel Conneaut in Conneaut Lake, PA. I’m a huge sucker for a good ghost story, so I loved that they were having their wedding at this notorious haunted hotel.”It’s reputed to be haunted and has been featured on several television shows about the paranormal. Legend has it that two guests — a bride and groom on their honeymoon — were trapped inside during a 1943 fire that damaged the building. The groom survived, but the bride perished while desperately searching for her husband. Unexplained events are said to occur in the hotel, and are attributed to “Elizabeth the bride,” who still roams the hotel searching for her lost love.”.  Spooky, huh??

There was nothing scary about the wedding though. Everything was absolutely gorgeous and was dripping with yummy fall details.

The beautiful bride getting her final hair-touches perfected…

The weather was not looking like it was going to cooperate, but the amazing hotel staff set-up the ceremony BOTH inside AND outside so if the weather held off, they could still have the ceremony outside. I have never worked with a more helpful, professional, talented venue staff ever.

Carly’s grandfather walked her down the aisle…

We had a brief time in between the ceremony and the reception for group pictures before the rain started to fall {hey, at least it held off for the ceremony!!}, so we grabbed some fun ones right next to the hotel on the boardwalk!

And the RECEPTION. Ohhh my, the reception. It was just beautiful.  Hearing sage green and purple might sound a bit Frankenstein-ish…but then you see those colors together! GORGEOUS!

My FAVORITE picture at the reception…

And couldn’t resist a few cute vintage photos being that the hotel was oozing with antiques and fab vintage nooks and crannies…


Are there a few gaps in the story?? Want to see it all unfold?? Check out the highlights photo slideshow to view ALL of the best shots from the day!

The day was just amazing. Carly & Jeff are great people and I’m honored that they chose me to capture their big day. Congratulations to Carly and Jeff!

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