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Custom Packaging for Photographers

{Image . is . everything.}

{Image . is . everything.}…at least when it comes to your business marketing.  Photographers are expected to be “artists”, and rightfully so!  You take amazing professional images. You spend hours, days, weeks even perfecting those images.  Don’t shove all your hard work in a ziplock bag with a business card (I’ve done it before, so don’t feel too guilty if you have too!). It is SO important as a photographer that your packaging and branding speaks about you as a professional.

I’ve spent the last year perfecting my business branding , and let me tell you, it’s WORK!  Scouring the internet for good deals, ordering things to see if they would work {and they didn’t}…it’s just a lot of time. Time that we as photographers don’t have much of.  There wasn’t any ONE place that I could order all of the items that I needed to get the best deal. With these custom packaging kits, you can effortlessly give your clients a visual “WOW” when they unwrap their prints and discs with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning, and all while saving yourself the time of shopping around for the best prices on each individual product, not to mention all the hassles of customizing them.  This packaging can be customized to fit ANY business image! Rustic, modern, bold, simple, we’ve got you covered!

(Not all products are shown in this image…)


{ Inclusions. }

Each custom kit includes the following…

50-  Large gift bags {Ideal for 8×10′s and smaller}

50- Hang tags with logo, slogan, and color choice hang ribbon for large gift bags

50- Small gift bags {Ideal for 5×7′s and smaller } with customized round business label

Color choice gift tissue paper for all gift bags

50- Large photo folders with business label {Ideal for 8×10′s and smaller}

50- Small gift boxes with business label {Ideal for 5×7′s and smaller}

Coordinating ribbon cut to appropriate length for all small gift boxes

50- CD/DVD sleeves with business label

50- Stylish thank you cards with envelopes in coordinating colors

100- Custom post cards with logo, contact information, and discount offer {optional} (One for client, one for referral!)

BONUS- 25- White Corrugated Mailer Boxes { 8 3/4″ x 11 1/3″ x 3″} with customized return address labels

{How it works…}

Simply email the full resolution PSD file of your logo, if desired to be included in labeling, to as well as your contact information and slogan as you would want it to appear. Select your color kit {Black, White, or Kraft}, as well as your accent color {Any of the colors of the rainbow, and everything in between!  Email a swatch if you’d like, we’ll match it!}. That’s it! We’ll do the rest and let you know when you can pick up your new packaging {roughly 4 week turnaround time}. 

{the . bottom . line.}

Kraft Kit with Accent Color {$975}

White Kit with Accent Color {$1,125}

Black Kit with Accent Color {$1,150}


*Prices are quoted for pick-up only. Shipping is subject to additional fees.

Need something else that’s not included in these packages?  No problem!  Want to substitute something? Doesn’t hurt to ask!  Not a photographer and need your own custom packaging? Lay it on me!

Feeling ambitious?? Want to know where we got all of this from so you can compile your own packaging?? Sure thing! Purchase the spreadsheet with links and pricing for only $100!

Email with any questions or to place your order!

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