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Iyesha & Alex | “Engaged Chick” Session Highlights | Erie, PA Engagement Photography

So you’ve seen a couple of teaser pictures from Iyesha & Alex’s engagement session, but, as always, I like to post a good handful of my favorites!  Iyesha and Alex have been super enthusiastic about their engagement pictures since their initial consultation several months ago.  So much so, that they’ve actually hired me to do a SECOND engagement session in Marienville, PA where they’re currently living.  They’re huge photo fanatics and Alex has a whole list of locations he wants to travel to when I go out to Marienville next month.  But for now, here’s my faves from this session!

We started out at the historic Warner Theater (hoping to go inside, but no dice…)

LOVE the light in this one. Has a cool film noir feel to it.

Then we moved on to the Erie Art Museum…

I love when I catch people in the middle of a laugh! It makes for a great photo!

We finished up our session at Frontier Park.  I love Frontier for photos–there’s so many options! 

This shot is awesome to me because it’s REAL! It’s not fake, not forced, just them. Iyesha is giving Alex a look like “WHAT in God’s name are you talking about!?!?”

Believe it or not, I really did minimal editing on the pond in this shot. It’s really that color. Totally unatural, I know…can’t be good {probably toxic waste}, but makes for a pretty shot!

The “cool bridge shot”.

And lastly the treeee!

It was a great set 🙂 Looking forward to our second engagement session, and the WEDDING next July!!

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Kara Marie


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